By Brian E.C. McCarthy

The scariest thing about the US election is that people still believe the biggest propaganda campaign of all time, that the president of the USA is some all powerful demigod who will save or destroy the world. The media attention given to this is ridiculous! Trump doesn’t scare me, the fact that the media focus on it is so huge scares me.

The fact that too few people care about the situation in this photo scares the hell out of me. Trump being elected results in me losing not one iota of sleep. I wake up in cold sweats panicking about what’s in this photo.

Waste dump, Sierra Leone

King Tom Dumpsite, Freetown, Sierra Leone

It could be taken in any city in Africa or Asia (among other continents). 1.4Million people live immediately surrounding this site. The little cart is dropping off the waste from some of them. The family behind the cart are scavenging for metals to sell and food to eat. The pigs (there are at least two of them) in the foreground are wallowing in human faecal sludge. The people from where the sludge comes are likely carrying some disease (most people have something) – they probably took out of date or improperly stored antibiotics before defecating. The pigs are probably contracting the disease which is building up antibiotic resistance due to the only partial effectiveness of the antibiotic (due to the genetic similarities between pig and human diseases can readily jump between our species).

The weather here is hot and humid all the time, no freezing temperature to kill off the disease. It will grow and evolve. The family eating the pig will contract the disease. It will spread rapidly from them to others in the 1.4Million person community. Some of them will get on the plane to Paris or London where it will quickly jump and spread globally before we even realise what’s happened.

This is the land the Ebola crisis emerged from in December 2013 and killed at least 11,310 people. It’s now December 2016 (3 YEARS ON) and there is still nowhere in this city to treat human waste (not one waste water treatment facility in a city of 1.4Million people). There is no controlled waste disposal site. Human faeces and solid waste (trash) is thrown into an old river gully in the centre of town. It flows from there into the sea located less than 100m away. Fellow human beings are living in stinking disease ridden detritus.

This is what the media should be scaring us about to force us to correct this market failure and impending humanitarian crisis. This is where the biggest threat to humanity is. Forget about Trump in his poky white house. This right here is what’s going to kill you, your kids, your neighbours. It’s not a local problem, it’s not an African problem, it’s your problem!

As I’ve said before, sort the priorities out world, before it’s too late!

If you would like to help, please donate to WasteAid today. Click here – it takes 2 minutes, but could make the world of difference.

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