Resource Futures

Resource Futures is an independent environmental consultancy business. Our vision is for a circular economy in which resources are used and re-used efficiently and effectively, minimising the impact of consumption and production on the environment. We focus on high quality collection and expert analysis and interpretation of data to guide our customers in the efficient use of material resources; and on the delivery of innovative behaviour change programmes. We work in partnership with a range of clients from local authorities and government bodies to small businesses and multi-national companies, as well as third sector organisations and community groups. As an employee-owned, non-profit-distributing company with a 25-year heritage of environmental improvement, we are proud of our independence and our client-focused, ethical approach.

Frith Resource Management

Frith Resource Management (FRM) are an independent Waste Management Consultancy firm based in Shropshire. FRM offer a wide range of services including options appraisals, waste strategies and partnership/joint working opportunities with the overall aim of providing clients with sustainable solutions to waste management. FRM work nationally and internationally. The FRM team were inspired during a presentation delivered by Waste Aid UK’s Director Mike Webster at the CIWM New Members Networking Event and have recently supported Waste Aid UK by completing a 22-mile trek.

Dunton Environmental

Dunton Environmental’s aim is to ‘Restore Our Environment and Make the World a Better Place’. Dunton are very pleased to be collaborating with WasteAid UK on working towards the same goal for a cleaner earth through correctly managing waste. Dunton Environmental are market leaders in the design and implementation of ground and water remediation solutions for land restoration. Our technologies for contaminated soil and water treatment, together with an expert waste management capability see us restoring the environment across the UK and also in China.

Open Sky Data

iWDMS, opensky’s Integrated Waste Data Management System prevents fraud, monitors progress towards Zero Waste targets and optimises waste resources in real time for Waste Disposal Teams across the globe. The web based platform collates data from all parties along the waste continuum. The system features automated ticket validation, integration to financial systems,
credits and claims, compliance reporting and a new advanced waste analysis module for spotting trends in historic data and predicting capacity requirements.

UK Trade & Investment

UK Trade & Investment has awarded WasteAid UK an exhibitor stand at the RWM exhibition 2016. WasteAid UK is grateful to UKTI for the opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of community-scale waste management initiatives in lower-income countries.


CIWM has funded the WasteAid UK guide to community waste management, which will be published in October 2017. The draft guidance was trialed at the Arkleton Trust seminar in the Gambia in April 2017 and will incorporate feedback from participants from across sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. CIWM also selected WasteAid UK as its Charity of the Year for the 2016 Gala Dinner, helping raise awareness and funds to support our ongoing projects, and CIWM Northeast has supported our work in West Africa with donations and support. Thank you CIWM for your continued support!

Arkleton Trust logo

Arkleton Trust

The Arkleton Trust funded a seminar in April 2017 which brought together community groups from the Gambia, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Ethiopia and India. The event focused on community resilience and waste management. WasteAid UK was invited by the Arkleton Trust to deliver the workshops on community waste management, which provided inspiration and guidance to participants on developing a livelihoods approach to tackling the waste crisis. The Arkleton Trust has also supported WasteAid UK in Kenya, allowing us to support the Kwa Muhia Environmental Group with a community waste management strategy. WasteAid UK is very grateful to the Arkleton Trust for its continued support.


Lush UK has chosen WasteAid UK as a Charity Pot partner. Lush started Charity Pot in October 2007 to raise money for worthy organisations and projects focused on animals, people, and the environment.



Based in Cookstown, Northern Ireland, CDEnviro Ltd. was established within the CDE group of companies in 2008 with the intention of bringing the experience gained in the screening and classification of construction materials and other minerals to the waste water treatment industry in the UK, Europe, Australia and North America. Focusing on 4 main sectors, CDEnviro has delivered solutions proven to bring significant efficiencies in Landfill Diversion, Waste Water Recycling, Environmental Remediation and Energy from Waste industries. The CDEnviro team has delivered a variety of fundraising activities in support of WasteAid UK, see our Hall of Fame for more information.

RWM Ambassadors' Fund

RWM in partnership with CIWM is Europe’s leading event for resource management professionals, a three day event that brings together the entire industry to help influence the way we think about and manage waste. The RWM Ambassadors selected WasteAid UK to receive its first ever grant, in recognition of our positive impact.

European Union logo

European Union

The European Union has supported the development and delivery of the Brikama Waste Innovation Centre in The Gambia.

Dynafish logo


Dynafish designed and built our website, and are providing ongoing web mastery to keeping things up to date and running smoothly.

Sally Talbot

Sally Talbot

Sally is a chartered waste manager and environmentalist having been in the waste industry since 1998.  She started as a graduate and has undertaken a variety of roles ranging from moving great crested newts as part of a landfill project, to managing a £25 million PFI contract.  She has a keen interest in waste policy, having sat on the LARAC Exec since 2009.  Supporting the work of WasteAid UK is important to Sally, as she believes everyone should have access to basic waste management.  A keen fundraiser, Sally is organising the charity’s first Walk for Waste event up Snowdon.

Ann Baker

Ann Baker

Ann is an environmental science graduate and chartered waste and recycling manager with over 20 years’ experience working in the UK and overseas. Her passion for waste and development was sparked when she spent four years working with a local waste organisation in Bamako, Mali. Ann became a Supporter of WasteAid UK in 2016 and currently works for the London Borough of Camden.

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