WasteAid UK is an independent charity, set up by waste management professionals to deliver practical and low-cost waste services in developing countries.

Our first project was delivered successfully in The Gambia in 2015. Working with local partners, WasteAid UK:

  • Carried out the first ever waste analysis in The Gambia, to find out what materials were available in the general waste stream.
  • Consulted with local people to determine the most appropriate materials to target.
  • Developed simple recycling processes that are low-cost and easily replicable, and trained local volunteers from Women’s Initiative The Gambia to turn waste into wealth.
  • Provided business and enterprise training so that people could set up successful small businesses, selling products made from materials that would otherwise be waste.

We have secured ongoing funding for our work in The Gambia and Senegal, meaning our partners can continue to deliver training and entrepreneurship skills in waste management and recycling. The next phase of the initiative will be to grow the network of waste trainers across the region, enabling these skills to be shared from community to community.

With simple recycling processes, people can improve their environment, health and the local economy.

WasteAid UK aims to deliver this type of project in more communities where people have no access to waste services.

Crucially, WasteAid UK is campaigning to encourage the donor community to increase spending on waste management from 0.3% to 3% of international aid.

Together, we can make lasting change.

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