WasteAid shares simple waste management know-how with communities in low-income countries.

Our projects help reduce the negative impacts of waste, create jobs, improve health and protect the local and global environment.

Explore our projects and photo galleries below. To download the WasteAid 2016/17 Impact Report (pdf) click here.

Community waste management toolkit and how-to guides

funded by the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management

  • October 2017
  • Toolkit to community waste management, Making Waste Work
  • 12 illustrated how-to guides for recycling waste into something useful
  • Thousands of communities have been positively influenced

WasteAid has produced a free, online toolkit for communities around the world to learn how to manage their waste and make new products. Thousands of people in more than 150 countries have accessed the toolkit, which is designed to help and inspire individuals and organisations across the world to take practical steps to manage their waste better.

Africa’s first community waste management conference

with the Arkleton Trust in The Gambia, Kartong


  • April 2017
  • Trained 70 people
  • Involved participants from 11 countries
  • 6 amazing days of  talking rubbish!

WasteAid ran a six-day workshop in partnership with the Arkleton Trust on community waste management with 40 participants from The Gambia and 30 more from Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cameroon and India. We worked with delegates to help plan for better waste management in their communities and delivered practical training, bringing specialist trainers in from across the continent to share skills on composting, making biofuels from organic waste and making paving slabs from film plastic. Finally, WasteAid delivered Masterclasses in business development and community engagement, making sure everyone felt inspired and equipped to make change in their own communities.

Training and development of a community recycling centre

with Al-Rahma Community Waste in Somaliland, Hargeisa


  • March 2017 – ongoing
  • Trained 30 people in community-led waste management
  • Developed a community recycling centre
  • 1.4 million people in a cleaner environment
  • WasteAid carried out the country’s first ever waste composition analysis

Part of the poorest country in the world, only 15% of waste is collected in Hargeisa, leaving a city full of illegal dumpsites, burning waste and  poor public health. WasteAid worked with the Danish Refugee Council and a local organisation, Al-Rahma, to campaign for better waste management, set up local recycling businesses and work with the local municipality and waste collection companies to clear and prevent illegal dumping.

Waste management training

with Navrongo-Bolgatanga Catholic Diocese in Ghana


  • August 2016
  • Trained 75 people on the importance of better waste management

We worked with the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Catholic Diocese in far northern Ghana, to assess the local solid waste situation and see how we can work with some of the poorest in the region to not only clean up their communities, making them healthier places to live and grow up in, but also create jobs and income at the same time. These learnings, and others, are helping us develop a model of total community waste management, using the income generating opportunities of waste livelihoods.

Training and development of a community recycling centre

with Kwa Muhia Environmental Group in Naivasha, Kenya


  • Feb 2016 – ongoing
  • Trained 12 people
  • Developed a community recycling centre
  • 6,000 people living in a cleaner environment

Kwa Muhia is a community of over 6,000 on the shore of Lake Naivasha. The population have a median income of around $2/day and work in the local flower farms. They have no proper waste collection and sickness is rife. WasteAid worked with local environmental champions KMEG to see how we could help them develop local waste livelihoods and recycle more of their waste. We are currently helping them increase their ability to recycle more by developing a site to collect and bulk recyclables.

Train-the-trainer programme and development of 27 community recycling centres

Brikama Waste Innovation Centre, The Gambia

with Women’s Initiative The Gambia



WasteAid undertook The Gambia’s first ever waste analysis and used our findings to develop a centre for training people to develop recycling businesses. Almost half of the population live in extreme poverty. Meanwhile less than 10% of waste is collected, so we looked at ways of turning waste into income. So far over  27 communities with 45,000 people have been helped, and the work with our local partners Women’s Initiative The Gambia continues to this day…

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