Continue the Christmas Jumper Day fun with a WasteAid Christmas Jumper Swap!

Are you happy to share the Christmas spirit, but not keen to buy yet another Christmas jumper that will only be worn once or twice?

» Join in the WasteAid Christmas jumper swap! «

Last year we organised a national Christmas jumper swap, saving people money and preventing all the needless waste that goes with fast fashion.

This year we’re passing the baton over to you!

WasteAid Christmas Jumper Swap

Organising a local Christmas jumper swap is easy and popular:

  1. Find somewhere suitable to host the swap rail – maybe a school, library, town hall or sports centre.
  2. Donate your old Christmas jumpers (or create some*) and put them on the display rail with a suggested price.
  3. Find yourself a brand-new-second-hand Christmas jumper, and make a donation to WasteAid via JustGiving.


It really is that simple!

believe in your elf

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Save money by not buying something new from the high street
  • Reduce waste by giving your old Christmas jumper a new lease of life
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding throw-away fashion
  • Help support recycling and decent waste management around the world
  • Look great and feel great knowing you are doing your bit for a better future for everyone!

»Download the poster and start today!«

*For ideas on creating your own Christmas jumper, visit Love Your Clothes.

WasteAid shares recycling skills in low-income countries, creating jobs, keeping communities healthier, and keeping plastics out of the ocean. 

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