WasteAid UK provides waste management skills in developing countries to improve livelihoods
Almost half the world’s waste isn’t properly managed, leading to disease, pollution and climate change

Proper waste management is a vital health service, and an engine for sustainable development

Support WasteAid UK to help communities turn waste into wealth
We partner with local organisations to share skills and make lasting change
We campaign to draw attention to the global waste emergency and promote the importance of good waste management
Together with our local partners, we are working towards a more equal, healthy and prosperous world

WasteAid – community waste management and recycling business development

Community waste management turns the problem of waste into an economic opportunity. WasteAid shares essential skills so that people can transform waste into useful stuff, creating healthier communities, cleaner oceans, and a better world for everyone.

WasteAid volunteers learn how to make plastic paving tiles from waste

Each of these paving tiles contains 200 plastic bags

  • We train people in low- and middle-income countries to manage waste in a safe and affordable way.
  • Our partners benefit from local waste management jobs, useful products, a cleaner environment and better public health.
  • We campaign for urgent action to tackle the waste crisis and promote recycling as a tool for global sustainable development.

Making Waste Work: A Toolkit

WasteAid has launched its toolkit for community waste management in lower- and middle-income countries. The toolkit provides essential information to help you set up community-led waste management systems and small recycling businesses. These activities can help keep your neighbourhood clean and healthy and even generate a small income.

Funded by the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management and produced by WasteAid UK, the toolkit builds on the practical experience and know-how of waste managers and recycling entrepreneurs from across the globe.

Rivers of plastic

WasteAid works with coastal and upstream communities to stop plastic polluting the marine environment. Research has shown that 90% of plastic in the oceans is carried there by just ten rivers in Asia and Africa! (Photo: Mike Webster, DR Congo, Dec 17.)

It’s time to make waste management a global priority. Explore how recycling can help deliver the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.


Making Waste Work: A Toolkit


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